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We are a small - but growing - team that believes the homeownership process needs to change. At Mirabilis Homes we are committed to helping you own your dream home while maintaining financial flexibility.

Mirabilis INTRO Program is a co-ownership program that allows you to start your homeownership journey with only a mínimum down payment and no additional debt. Co-ownership means that we initially co-own the home with you. You decide how much you want to own initially and you have the right to increase your ownership share at your own pace and at pre-agreed prices.

  • Get pre-qualified: It is free and in less than 3 minutes you are on your way.

  • Search for homes: Use our search tool and work with an agent to find your dream home. You can apply with any home that’s on the market.

  • Apply to INTRO Program: Once you find your dream home, apply to the INTRO Program. If your application is successful, we will partner with you to secure your dream home. A minimum of 1% is required to join the program.

  • Move-in and start paying monthly rent: Additionally, you have the option, but not the obligation to pay a little extra. These extra payments increase your ownership share in the house. You decide if, when and how much you want to increase your ownership.

  • Enjoy the benefits: Because your are now a co-owner of the home, some of the profits generated by the home belong to you (through your rental payments). Our reinvestment program automatically re-invests your share of profits to build up your ownership share in the house. So even if you are not making out of pocket payments, your ownership continues to increase. Our re-investment program helps you become a homeowner faster.

  • Finalize your homeownership journey: You can buy the house slowly by continuously building up your ownership share until you are the sole owner. Alternatively, you can obtain a mortgage at any point in time – for example when you have a large enough ownership share that a down payment is no longer required by a bank – and buy us out.

The INTRO Program lasts 7 years but you can extend if for an additional 3-year period if you need extra time. In total the program can last up to 10 years.

The ownership stake you’ve built is transferable to other qualifying properties. So if you are moving cities you can always transfer your ownership to a new home.

The INTRO Program is designed for maximum flexibility. You can leave the program at any point in time. We will simply put the house for sale in the open market and give you your share of proceeds. You even take any appreciation with you!

  • You decide your initial ownership share. A minimum of 1% is required.

  • After you move in, you will begin to pay monthly market rent. Initial rent payments are based on market prices for comparable properties. Rental payments will increase at a low, annual, pre-set fixed rate for the duration of the program. As a result, you have complete certainty of how much rent you will pay in any given month. There are no other required monthly payments.

  • Similarly, the value at which you can purchase additional ownership increases at a low pre-set fixed rate once a year, so no surprises there!

No problem. You decide if, when and how much to increase your ownership share.

  • Reinvestment Program: Our reinvestment program helps you become a homeowner faster. Because you are now a co-owner of the home, some of the profits generated (as a result of your rental payments) by the property belong to you. We automatically re-invest these profits in your behalf to increase your ownership share of the home. As a result, your ownership continues to increase even if you do not make additional payments. Talk about making your money work for you!

  • Improve Credit Score: If you decide, you can enroll in on-time payment notification. We report on-time rent payment to the leading credit agencies to help you improve your credit score.

  • Invest in Your Future: Do not postpone investing in your own home. Start doing it today with small payments and benefit from any potential appreciation that your home might enjoy. Time is money!

  • We make money from some of the rent you pay us. Additionally because we co-own the property with you we share in the appreciation of the house during the INTRO Program with you.

  • We never sell your personal information to anyone or take and additional fees / commissions.

  • First, get pre-qualified: It is free and takes less than 3 minutes. After you get pre-qualified you can begin searching for homes.

  • When you find a home, Apply to the INTRO Program. We only perform a “soft check” and the application does not impact your credit score. We will let you know in 2-3 days if your application has been approved and will communicate immediate next steps.

On average, applicants take 10 minutes to complete their application

Anyone who wants to become a homeowner can apply.

We look at multiple factors when reviewing an application including rent-to-income and debt-to-income ratios, credit history and income verification.

This can vary by applicant and you will know once you apply. We often ask for proof of income/employment and valid ID.

When applying to our INTRO Program, you should expect an answer within 2-3 days.

Our web page and search tool are great places to start. However, if you find a home that you like that is not listed on our website let us know and we will be happy to work with you. If you have property in mind shoot us an email at

We are flexible but generally speaking we look for single-family homes (detached and townhomes are fine) that are for sale. Relatively new properties with no more than 20 years of construction have a higher probability of getting approved. Properties that are in the $250-750K price range also have a higher chance of approval.

Yes, you can work with your own real estate agent or if you do not have one let us know and we will pair you with one.

We own a very small portion of the homes that are listed in our website. However, if you like a home that we do not currently own and it meets our qualifying criteria we will buy it for you. You can apply to the program with any home!

If you selected a home owned by Mirabilis our one of our partners the process can be done in as little as one week. Otherwise you should expect 3-4 weeks.

You start making monthly rent payments. Each month you have the option, but not the obligation, to contribute a little extra. These extra payments increase your ownership share and you decide if, when and how much to pay.

You decide how much equity you initially want to own. A 1% minimum is required. Mirabilis Homes will own the rest and you have the option to purchase it from us at your own pace.

  • Mirabilis pays for the expenses including insurance, property taxes, HOA fees (if any) and repairs. Owning a home can be hard, we make it simple.

  • You have the responsibility to pay for utilities and other services (such as cable tv, etc).

Rent will increase at a fixed pre-set rate through the duration of the program. You will know the exact number when you apply to a specific home. In general rent will increase at the recent historic inflation rate. Because rent changes are fixed and pre-set you know how much rent you will pay on any given month for the entire duration of the program.

As with rent, the value at which you can purchase additional ownership will change based on an annual fixed and pre-set rate. As a result the home valuation is known for any particular year that you are in the program.

Please refer to our answers on the GENERAL section of our FAQ.

  • Our Reinvestment Program helps you become a homeowner faster. Because you now co-own the home, a portion of the profits (based on your ownership share) belong to you. We automatically re-invest your share of profits to increase your ownership. As a result, even if you do not make out of pocket payments your ownership will continue to increase. The larger your ownership share in the home the more you benefit from the reinvestment program!

  • The profits generated by each home are different but they are a direct result of you rental payment less the property expenses (property taxes, insurance, etc.)

  • You are only required to pay monthly rent. That’s it, no other fees or charges. Rent is initially based on market prices.

  • Cambiar el segundo punto para que diga: “You have the option but not the obligation to pay a little extra. These extra payments will be applied towards increasing your ownership”

  • There is also a $100 annual management fee paid at the beginning of each calendar year.

Once you are ready to purchase the equity you do not own we can refer you to our preferred lenders. Mirabilis does not currently offer mortgages or other financing alternatives.

  • We partner with developers and homebuilders who are selling residential properties in several ways: Contact us at

  • First, we let you list your inventory in our website for free. It will significantly increase your audience and can help with turnover. Please go to the sign-in section to register. Once registered, you can access our site and upload your inventory. If you have questions you can reach us at

  • Secondly, we let developers / builders use our INTRO Program as an additional sales tool. When a potential buyer can’t or doesn’t want to get a mortgage you can always refer them to our INTRO Program. In this case, we will buy the house for the client and let them buy the equity from us in the future.

  • We also occasionally purchase single-family homes from selected developers / homebuilders so contact us if you are interested in discussing more. We usually buy during the pre-construction or the pre-sales stages.

  • Properties in the INTRO Program are considered owner-occupied. Just like with a mortgage, our tenants own a certain percentage of equity in their home and increase that share as time goes by.

  • As a result, homes that are in our INTRO Program are not considered to be owned by investors but owner-occupied, preserving the sense of community that many builders and developers strive for.

  • We work with many agents. If you have a client that is looking to buy a home without taking on additional debt or a significant down payment then refer them to our INTRO Program. If we buy the home for your client we will engage you as our acting buyer’s agent. You will receive a commission for any lead / referral that closes.

  • You can also sign-in to our agent’s portal to search for homes and recommend them to your clients. We have a portal that helps you manage your customers.

  • Absolutely! If you bring us a lead you will act as our agent when we buy the property for them.

We use all cash offers and typically make offers that are within a 3% range from the ask price.

Initial rent is at market value based on comparable properties in the area. It then increases yearly based on a low pre-set fixed rate. As a result rent payments for the entire duration of the program are known in advance.

We are flexible and can make exceptions. However we typically focus on single family homes (both detached and townhomes). Homes built no more than 20 years ago and within the $250-750K price range have a higher probability of getting approved.

You can list properties for free on our website. It will help you reach a wider audience. Additionally, if there is a buyer interested in the home you are selling and does not want to get a mortgage, refer them to our INTRO Program and we might be able to buy the house for them.
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